What are Dentures?

Dentures are a type of dental prosthetic that can enhance and create a beautiful, natural smile. There are two types of dentures: full and partial. Partial dentures are meant to only replace several missing teeth at a time. A full set of dentures can replace an entire arch of missing dentition with one comfortable plate.

Why would you need Dentures?

You may require dentures if you’re currently missing all or a lot of your natural teeth. Dentures are made for each individual patient, which ensures the plates look natural and fit comfortably. At Mykleby & Thao Family Dentistry, we will examine your teeth and mouth to determine if you will benefit from dentures. The denture procedure is done quickly, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of a natural-looking smile.

What makes you a good candidate for Dentures?

The majority of patients who need dentures are eligible to have them made, fitted and placed. You may need to have teeth extracted before having a denture made. For example, if your existing teeth are decayed or are loose because of gum disease, we may recommend having them extracted before being fitted for new dentures. Dentures can last for up to seven years because they are made using durable, long-lasting materials.

What happens during the procedure for Dentures?

If extractions are required before being fitted for a denture plate, we will perform this procedure and allow the gums to heal. You will then come in and have impressions taken of your mouth. These impressions, or molds, of your teeth are used by dental techs to create a custom-made denture that fits your mouth perfectly. Once the denture has been professionally made, you’ll come back into our office here at Mykleby & Thao Family Dentistry and have the plate placed. Small adjustments may need to be made so that the prosthetic fits more comfortably. We will give you instructions on how to care for and maintain your brand new denture.

If you need a new set of dentures or are interested in learning more about this option, call us today so that we can help in answering your questions.