Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant?

Here at Mykleby & Thao Family Dentistry, we offer dental implants to help replace missing teeth. Implants can be surgically placed to replace one or more of your teeth. Many of our patients have implants to keep a denture plate in place so that it does not slip or fall out. Dental implants are permanent and offer a durable restoration that enhances the rest of your smile.

Why would you need a Dental Implant?

Most often, our patients need dental implants if they are completely missing one of their natural teeth. If a tooth has been extracted or has fallen out, you will benefit from a dental implant. In the past, your two options for replacing a missing tooth were with a bridge or partial denture. While these two options are still ideal for many people, implants only replace the missing tooth and are permanent in nature.

What makes you a good candidate for a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are placed into the bone as part of oral surgery. Because of this, you need to be healthy enough to undergo dental surgery and have the ability to heal after the procedure has been completed. In some cases, you may need a bone grafting prior to having the implant placed if there isn’t enough adequate bone in the area. Our doctors will perform an exam as well as series of x-rays to determine if implants are suitable for you.

What happens during the procedure for a Dental Implant?

Prior to the procedure being done, we will consult with you and take x-rays. This helps us to determine the best positioning of the implant as well as the bone structure in the area. You will then come into our office and receive either local anesthetic or sedation, as per your request. The doctor will then insert the implant into the bone of the jaw and suture the gums closed. The area will heal over the course of a few months, where the implant will bond with the actual bone. A dental crown can then be placed on the implant itself to enhance your natural smile.

If you would like a dental implant or want to inquire more about this procedure, call us today so that our helpful staff members can answer your questions.