Dental Fillings

What are Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is placed in a tooth that has become affected by decay. If you have a cavity, a filling will be put into its place to improve the integrity and structure of the actual tooth. Here at Mykleby & Thao Family Dentistry, we provide dental fillings for all of our patients varying needs. The filling procedure is done quickly and requires just local anesthetic.

Why would you need Dental Fillings?

The most common reason for needing a dental filling is because you have one or more cavities. Tooth decay can affect people of all ages, and some people are simply more susceptible to tooth decay than others. Proper oral hygiene and care are essential for preventing cavities. Once they have formed, we can place a filling to remove the decay and maintain the integrity of the tooth.

What makes you a good candidate for Dental Fillings?

If you currently have a cavity, you’re a good candidate for a dental fillings. Fillings are easily placed and can be utilized on all patients of varying ages. You will first come into our office for an examination by one of our doctors. We can check for any signs of tooth decay with both an exam and x-rays so that a treatment plan is established.

What can you expect with the procedure for Dental Fillings?

You will first come into our office and receive a local anesthetic to make the filling procedure more comfortable. The dentist will then drill into the tooth to remove any decay. Once the decay has been completely removed from the affected tooth, the hole is prepped for the composite filling. We match the composite filling to the rest of your teeth to ensure it looks completely natural. The composite filling is then poured into the hole and smoothed out for a comfortable, effortless finish. The filling is hardened with a curing light and you’ll be ready to leave the office.

If you think you might need a filling and want to know more about this procedure, call our office today so that our helpful office staff can assist you.